Since this game began in 2015, I have participated in 13 joust tournaments.  Twice I have come in second.  That’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Three of those tournaments were regionals and Worlds.  Second in those competitions would have been something to celebrate.  So far as store championships and game night kits, Knights of the Laughing Tree, Harrenhals and Kings in the North go, the Minnesota community has some exceptional players.  Nothing wrong with two second-place finishes, only two or three tournaments with a final record under .500 and just one 0-for-3 tournament.  And I have had plenty of fun.  Definitely nothing wrong with that.

But I would like to do better.

I’m not entirely sure what that means, though I have some ideas.  I’d at least like to win a table in a melee.  I’d like to take a tournament win over a few locals that have not yet allowed that.  A few top 4 finishes and even a first would be nice.  Top quarter in an event with over 100 competitors would be about as much as I dare dream.

It’s a new year.  There’s a draft tournament coming up in three weeks.  Store championships will soon follow.  Then there are regionals and Harrenhals and Lord Commanders and everything else.  Maybe even a nationals or continentals.  Plenty of opportunities to start making these goals happen.

I don’t know if these writings will help.  I plan on writing about my decks and their evolutions, considering their performances at casual nights, writing tournament reports.  No chapter pack reviews.  That’s for people better than me.  And every other fan creation.  If nothing else, this should make me pay attention to what’s working and what’s not in my play and deck construction.  That ought to be worth a spot or two in a tournament.



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