“I Want A Do-Over” v1


You want to know a secret?  I ran a Tyrell, Summer reset deck at Worlds because I liked my odds of earning World’s best Tyrell.  I didn’t win it.  Someone else went 5 and 3, and I went 4 and 4 with a toilet strength of schedule.

This deck is an update on that one and is, two chapter packs and a deluxe expansion later, immeasurably better.  The first boost the Tyrell reset deck got was, of course, Valar Morghulis.  Tyrell may be the greatest at draw and card sifting, but sometimes you need that reset now.  You can’t wait to draw Varys or wait until after dominance for the board wipe.  You need it now, and now you have Valar.  Awesome.  And Tyrell has the economy to not be totally hosed on the Valar turn.  Double awesome.

Second, Tyrell got two more Ladies in Alerie Hightower and Brienne of Tarth.  Both are solid, if not setting the world ablaze, but they do make Lady-In-Waiting playable, by doubling the number of Tyrell Ladies. More dupes, more saves, more reset freedom.  Awesome possum.

And that’s kind of what the reset deck needed: an on-demand reset and more saves that aren’t kill specific.  The deck itself is pretty simple.  Get The Arbor down early.  Prioritize intrigue challenges to limit your opponent’s options post reset.  When it will give you an advantage, hit the reset button.  Hit it again.  Keep power on your faction card where it’s safe from Varys and off theirs.  Don’t forget that Bodyguard isn’t terminal.  Feel free to drop it on Varys for added protection and bring it back to hand when he pops.

A few cards I’d like to comment on specifically.  I’m still not sure on The Queen of Thorns.  She’s too easily controlled, her ability is a bit redundant in the house with the game’ second-best economy, but she can refill the board pretty well post-Valar.  We’ll see.

House Florent Knight is also intriguing post reset.  People want to get out chumps to protect their beef post-reset, and he clears them right out while increasing your military presence.  You can trigger him twice through Unexpected Delay and a successful Queen of Thorns activation.

Speaking of Unexpected Delay, it offers some fascinating options in a reset deck.  First, there is the aforementioned House Florent Knight combo.  Second, you have positive attachments, a pile of dupes and a lot of reknown.  You might be able to force the double removal on your opponent’s side.  Third, it’s a reset deck.  Protect your beef by sending it back to hand.  Unfortunately, its initiative is low, and you’ll be picking a character first if your opponent makes you first player and may be broadcasting your intentions.

I’m excited to bring this back.  We’ll see just how much better it got in this new era of Thrones.

You can also see this decklist at ThronesDB.


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