New Toys goes to the Fantasy Flight Store Championship 2017, Part One: The list

It’s time to come clean. I only play skirmish at tournaments. To really be competitive, I’d probably have to buy doubles of big boxes to get two the two sets of elites I need, and that’s not worth it. That’s also fine. I find Imperial Assault has a solidly casual atmosphere that is aware it’s playing a dice game and can be supportive of the guy who runs six Nexu lists.

Most of the time this laid back attitude is no problem, but sometimes it leads me down dark paths as I bring lists that pack in as much of the newest releases as possible rather than something I might have tested once. With that in mind, I present New Toys.

Prey on the Weak goes on Onar, and Scavenged Weaponry starts on the HKs. It fits in every new model but Hera Syndulla from the latest wave, and only misses Trusted Ally from the skirmish upgrades. If Fantasy Flight wants droids to be viable, I will play droids, especially when so many of them are also hunters, probably the best trait in the game right now.

Not much to say about the list itself in this post. The analysis will come in the tournament report. It’s a pretty standard hunter list with the droids glommed on. It could probably be better  with C-3P0 switched in for 0-0-0 and someone else for Chopper, but good wasn’t necessarily the goal. There was a definite push strategy to the list. 0-0-0 can be brutal if he starts the turn next to a target, lackluster otherwise with melee and a speed of four. Shyla, Onar and Chopper all provide some pushes to get enemies in range.

Nothing too exciting with the command deck otherwise. Plenty of standards (Take Initiative, Negation, Element of Surprise), hunter synergy (Assassinate, Heightened Reflexes, Tools for the Job), movement pumps (Hit and Run, Opportunistic) and new droid synergy (Navigation Upgrade, Shared Experience, Targeting Network).

Look forward to the tournament report in the next day or two.


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